a maverick coder, an innovative designer
and a young business man

Immaginando is an innovative new media agency
that develop his projects with passion, professionalism and many ideas!
Simple, no much more, but much more!

Once upon a time in a land far, far away...

Three crazy people, joined all their skills to bring to fruition their lifes dream to create a videogame![...] Hours and hours of coding, hours and hours of drafting and projections, hours and hours of chat, of presentations and never ending meetings, were required to bring to realisation RATGANG, the first game from Immaginando!

$ 50,000.00 --> Our Kickstarter Goals!

Improvement of visual style and game scenes
Improvement and Implementation of game resources Multilingual
Implementation tutorial optimization and introduction of news

At the achievement of $360.000 --> Implementing Augmented Reality!

An Italian browser game with new concepts and ideas -- Kicktraq Mini

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